The term ‘non-fungible’ simply implies “uniqueness, one of a kind item” or it is “a token which cannot be exchanged for another.” Each one of the NFTs is unique, that means it does not have a copy, this provides artists with new ideas to market their work and it also helps them keep track of how their work is being used.

Using this blockchain technology, the real ownership of every single non-fungible token is traceable, as the track record of every buyer and seller is transparent. This alters the game altogether as it puts digital art closer to the traditional art market.

There is a lot of expectation to see social media NFT’s flooding into the streams of Facebook, Garm, Snapchat, Twitter and Tik-tok. These social media platforms are looking for ways to capitalize on this trend. Let’s explore this concept further.

How does this process work?

Most cryptocurrencies NFTs are segments of a certain blockchain called Ethereum. Ethereum, like bitcoin and altcoin, is the blockchain that enables these crypto-currency NFTs, which hoards additional data that allows them to function contrastingly from an ETH coin, which is also backed by Ethereum Blockchain. Various blockchains can use these Tokens in their own ways.

Many owners/users are keen to uncover the variables behind the functionalities of one of a kind NFTs, which has sparked a surge in interest in their characteristics. This is a hot topic right now, with a total valuation of around 2 billion dollars during 2021’s first quarter.

Coming to the features of these hyped NFT’s, let’s discuss them briefly.


The term “unification” refers to the fact that a single NFT can’t be divided into its smaller token versions and that the entire Token (NFT) is needed to be purchased in order to own that item. The policy is all or none, there is no owning a half token or an half NFT.

Unification is one of the most important characteristics of these non-fungible tokens. In fact, these have been designed to be amalgamated in order to serve its purpose. For instance lets understand this through an example, one can’t buy an airline ticket and split it among two persons. Because there is a single seat so only one person can use it at a time. Same is the case with such tokens.

Right of possession (ownership)

Another important characteristic is the right of possession, which is related to owning a NFT. These NFT’s are unified, meaning they can only be owned by one person. In relation to this they are one-of-a-kind and belong to only one person.

When addressing its qualities, one should also consider the right to using and owning a certain NFT. Because the creator has privileges as he can transfer certain NFT’s from the owner’s account to another account.


The most significant feature of a non-fungible token is its Legitimacy, which has received a lot of light recently. These are used to represent worldly assets, therefore it is critical to have genuine NFTs. This characteristic is important as this makes sure that the token is unique.

Digital Wallet

Virtual NFTs are produced and linked to certain blockchain. They are essentially on block-chain frameworks, and transparency is a fundamental aspect of this technology. Blockchain technology is represented on distributed ledgers and are usually public, inflexible and decentralized.

The various properties of such tokens lay the groundwork for making a compelling argument for their further outcomes. In reality, the numerous characteristics of these non fungible tokens demonstrate how they may use the advantages of blockchain to revolutionize asset representation. NFTs are distinguished by their non-fungibility features which indicates that they are not exchangeable.

Non-fungible tokens are crafted and maintained on blockchain or distributed ledger technology frameworks and they may provide sufficient safety and validity. Because one of the major features permits possession verification. Users can simply check the ownership of their tokens. The link of each Non Fungible Token with a specific identification also makes sure the value of uniqueness, which helps to boost value. Start learning more about the Basics of NFTs and their features with NARSUN STUDIOS.

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